Why Man Repeller is the best fashion blog to follow

By Allie Eames

In this day and age, we are almost over-stimulated by the seemingly endless fashion platforms to read, follow, watch, shop from, and generally keep up with. Finding a good one is truly like finding a needle in a haystack. Luckily, in my opinion, Man Repeller is all you need in one website.

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Courtesy of Man Repeller

Founded by Leandra Cohen, Man Repeller is unlike any other brand. Here’s why you should skip everything else and read MR on the reg.


  1. It’s hilarious. The writers inject even some of the most serious articles with satire, wit, and sarcasm that’ll make you forget you’re reading about fashion.

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    Courtesy of Man Repeller
  2. It’s not all clothing. They have an entire section labeled “Everything Else” where you can find everything from testimonials to opinion pieces to horoscopes. For example: “Does Anyone Actually Like Holding Hands? An Investigation” and “I Watched ‘Fifty Shades Freed’ So You Don’t Have To.”

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    Courtesy of Man Repeller
  3. Their social media will bring a new lightheartedness to your feed. Their posts are creative and aesthetically appealing, and you get a view of fashion weeks that make fashion a bit more whimsical than following major players like Vogue. Plus their Insta stories are hilarious.


  4. If you’re going to follow MR, you’re going to want to follow the whole gang. Leandra Cohen, the founder, has one of the most unique, witty, and weird social media presences ever. Plus, she’s expecting twins, so her posts are probably going to be super cute in the future. Contributors Harling Ross and Amelia Diamond are awesome to follow too. 

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    Courtesy of Man Repeller


Overall, if you want a digestible, fun, and not-so-serious fashion website that’s still 100% legitimate and forward-thinking, Man Repeller is for you. Enjoy!