Valentine’s Day Movies: For the Singles Who Don’t Hate Being Single

By Abigail Padgett

For many people, specifically people in relationships, Valentine’s Day is a giant heart-shaped reminder to get their act together and set up dinner reservations or buy chocolates for that special someone. For others, the majority of singles, it’s a dreaded day of emptiness from that lack of something or someone in their life. It’s a cold day in mid-February where loneliness feels tangible, and self-pity feels easy. To be frank, Valentine’s Day is a pretty contrived holiday invented by Hallmark to “keep the spark alive,” but it’s there nonetheless. Yet, for an even smaller number of single people,  it’s simply a reminder to be grateful for their loved ones and family while not resenting the fact that they’re single.


Courtesy of Writerra


If you’re in the third group, congrats. You have the best of both situations. You most likely appreciate romance and love. You can stand to watch a rom-com or ridiculously sappy Nicholas Sparks movie without hating yourself for it as you sit in bed and eat ice cream at ten o’clock on Valentine’s Day.

So, if that’s you, these are your Valentine’s Night movie recommendations:

  1. Casablanca, 1942
  2. Something Borrowed, 2011
  3. The Last Song, 2010
  4. You’ve Got Mail, 1998
  5. Pretty Woman, 1990
  6. Amelie, 2001
  7. 500 Days of Summer, 2009 
  8. 27 Dresses, 2009
  9. Love Actually, 2003
  10. The Spectacular Now, 2013
  11. Pride and Prejudice, 2005
  12. Last Night, 2010
  13. The Perks of Being a Wallflower, 2010
  14. Suite Française, 2014
  15. ____________________ 🙂


Happy watching!