Fringing Out

By Lizzie Carter

It’s 1972, and everyone’s hair is big, blown out, and fringed. Face-framing angles, layers, and grown out bangs are in Vogue and considered a flattering cut for almost every face shape. Flash forward to 2018 – while there’s a little more diversity in the hair world, this cut still stands as a classic, flattering shape.

I wholeheartedly believe that a haircut can change your life and attitude. Picking a cut like long fringe could be that change that springs you to interview for that scary new job, buy a planner, even just make you want to be a morning person. Haircuts that are flattering and effortlessly “you” are especially great to embody a fresh start for a fresh new year. Play into the never-ending trend of 70’s fun and go for an extended fringe cut that will spark a beautiful change in your life.


Courtesy of Glamour Magazine

Julianne Hough caught on to this chic trend and put her own spin on the classic. Getting a shaggy bob plus her bangs grown out- it really gives her a rocker, professional girl boss vibe that really works for where she’s at in her career. The length is age appropriate and the fun add-on of bangs works well in her favor.

Courtesy of @hoskelsa

Thinning out the bangs and making them a tad whisper also plays up a fun idea on this bold style. These bangs can merely be pushed back or to the sides to create face-framing layers or the idea of baby hairs. Light and loose hair like this gives a lovely carefree aura to the hair. If you’re going for color and cut, this color is also some great inspiration. The lighter pieces are dyed where the hair would naturally catch color and lighten up, making it look extremely natural and fun. Low maintenance and powerful, this cut would be great for women of all ages.

New year, new me, right? Well even though its February and you might still be telling yourself this, there’s never a wrong time to get a life-changing haircut. I really recommend getting some long fringe and bangs and experiencing a more carefree, yet powerful side to life with this new cut.