Dress To Inspire

By Lizzie Carter

The hardest part of every morning for me always seems to be picking out my uniform for the day. There are endless elements to incorporate such as the weather, if an article of clothing needs to be washed, if a friend forgot to give me back a top, and so on. When I was a child, I simply wore what I wanted, when I wanted: striped leggings with a tiny graphic t-shirt and tutu? Awesome. As I grow older, I’ve noticed that I’ve stopped dressing for myself, like young me used to. I dress with a purpose now. The purpose to inspire other women.

While if I insisted on keeping up this persona of bold leggings and fun, comfy tops, I would be dressing for myself, but that doesn’t mean that the alternative is losing my personality in my outfits. It’s quite the opposite. I dress to look like the best version of me every day. When picking out an outfit, I think about how other women will see me and if it will inspire them to take charge of their own closet. This intensely creative process helps open my eyes to various items in my closet. The brand-new potential is created, every piece can contribute to my look that day in inspiring ways. Dressing with a purpose is dressing to impress, but also to open the eyes of women everywhere. You can dress creatively and fun because you are surrounded by an appreciative, vast group of women.


The process can get wild, and I definitely don’t always feel like I get it right, but I do get the feeling that I’m expressing myself open to a variety of women, every day, who are supportive and inspired. Women who stand together with open minds can take back dressing for ourselves, encourage each other to express yourself through clothing, and bring back dressing with a purpose. To inspire each other.