Get with it guys . . . Read GQ

By Tyler Aberle

There are some things in life that us guys, or your boyfriends, need to be aware of that is more than weekends, sports, and beer. Unfortunately, that something is a fashion and lifestyle knowledge that is more than what your mom said looked good on you in 8th grade (although her advice happened to be timeless pieces that are staples to a closet . . . thanks, Momma A).

Courtesy of GQ

A simple and not so expensive solution to this problem is a subscription to the good ole’ Gentleman’s Quarterly, also known as GQ. With a year subscription for a small $10, there is a wealth of knowledge in lifestyle, fashion, and celebrity insights, largely including athletes and musicians. I personally guarantee you (take that with whatever you will since, after all, I am just talking to you through a computer screen) that you will step up your game with more than just clothes, music, sports, and how to take care of yourself.

Courtesy of GQ

Even if it is just a table piece that you happen to flip through every now and then. It is the perfect magazine to just look at whatever catches your eye. Rarely do I ever sit down and read the entire piece. So clean out the spare change and dollar bills from the weekend that slipped into your couch and give GQ a try. Even if it’s not your thing, have it on your coffee table to pretend you read it and people *cough* (i.e., girls) *cough*, may take a look at you in a different light.