March: Your Risk Taking Guide

By Lizzie Carter

Post-fashion week, or as I like to call it, fashion month, depression has officially set in. Scrolling through Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar every day is now something you’re not inclined to do. No more design, no more pops of pattern. Your inspiration has faded, and fashion feels as if it will fade away from your life until the runway trends hit Zara or H&M in a couple of weeks. But, instead of taking this moment as a lull, use it as a time to experiment.

Courtesy of UP Magazine


You know all those funky boots you saw strutting in street style photos from Milan and London? Take a pair of bright or detailed boots of your own and show them off. Heck, makeover a pair of booties you have with paint and a glue gun! Make them the star of your outfit, just like they were on the Fendi runway. The plaids you saw on 3000+ looks all over the globe? Scope through your own closet for that plaid shirt you wore to a Toby Keith concert and tie it up into a skirt. Using innovative ways to elevate your own closet is what this period of time should be all about. Saying screw it and wearing a bold outfit shouldn’t be frowned upon, but encouraged. Inspiration is everywhere, but instead of taking this time to just dwell on what outfits you’ll create with items you intend on buying, future tense, take charge of your closet.

Wearing old items made-over is a huge risk, but something you should think about trying this March. Screw waiting. You can revamp your jeans to have holes just like the simply unattainable denim featured in Blanche’s 2018 line. All it takes is creativity and a little risk-taking. So your March goal? Take risks, say screw it a little more, and take charge of your closet.