Spring Break: The Essentials

By Tyler Aberle

Update: Believe it or not, February has come and gone, and March is well on its way. The semester is in full swing and midterms are coming out of nowhere. BUT, have no fear, with all of this hell coming our way we have one positive guaranteed (outside of Green Beer Day of course): Spring Break.

With little time to prepare and busy schedules coming your way. I’m here to help. To have a time like James Franco and his fellow Spring Breakers, you’re going to need these for easy things for your warm get away.

Hawaiians/Thrift Store Button-Ups

Courtesy of Pinterest

This is absolutely essential to being comfortable and enjoying your time in the warm weather away from Ohio. Whether you splurge on a top from Topshop or find some threads from your dad’s closet, make sure that the fabric is light and ready to be worn however the hell you want it because these are a staple. Plus, light and floral tops are coming back with a vengeance in the good ole fashion world.

Swim Trunks 

GQ Swim Trunks
Courtesy of GQ

Okay, now listen. I don’t care if you aren’t going to a beach directly, but I can almost guarantee you will be hopping in a pool or a hot tub in the week. Prior to popular belief, you don’t need a whole damn suitcase dedicated to the trunks either . . . Bring one or two, and you will be MORE than set.


Peanut Butter and Jelly
Courtesy of Peanut Butter Runner

Now food can be a slippery slope because, unfortunately, the cost can sometimes sneak up on you. Let’s be real though, when you break it down all you need is a breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Super simple right?

Breakfast: snag 18 pack of eggs

Lunch: 3 loaves of bread, deli meat, and PB&J

Dinner: Ground Turkey, Rice, Noodles, and some hot dogs will do the trick

Good People

Friends on Beach.jpg
Courtesy of Odyssey

This can be the most seemingly simple task but can be tough to execute. For the perfect group on Spring Break, you have to realize you will be with these people the entire week and it is inevitable that you will be getting close and traveling a lot together. All you have to do is make sure to have the right balance of “down-to-get-down” and “hey, let’s relax” and you will be golden. The “let’s relax” people are an absolute key in this equation.