Spring Break Prep!

By: Gabriella Dini

With spring break right around the corner, everyone is scrambling to make sure they feel and look their best. Whether you want to do it for you, or someone else, here are some tips and essentials to take on spring break.

  1. Water

Water is not only the key to staying hydrated but essential for keeping your skin clear, flushing out your body, and increasing energy. To keep myself hydrated I try and buy a big water bottle to ensure I drink a certain amount throughout the day!


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  1. Clean Eats

I know we all love our late trips uptown to get mac bites, Bagel, and Jimmy J’s but it’s important to find a balance. Especially if you are trying to see results for SB! Try cutting down your treats to half of what you usually consume. Small changes can make a huge difference in the long run. Also, rather than eating a whole bag of chips, snack on some fruit or veggies. Snacking can add up without even noticing. You are the one putting the food in your body, you have control! Baby Steps.

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  1. Stay Moisturized

If you are going somewhere warm, you want your skin to look fresh and hydrated! On top of drinking water, try moisturizing with coconut oil, shea butter, chapstick and even essential oils on your face.

Quench your skin’s thirst!

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  1. Your time.

This is a week for you to relax and take time for yourself. Whether it’s curling up with a good book, listening to podcasts, exercising, sleeping, binge-watching movies or playing your favorite songs on repeat, do what feels best for you. Log out of canvas, close your laptop, and put your mind at ease.