Study Jams

By Hannah Star

The differences in study music between my friends and I have always fascinated me. Some will blast rap in their headphones while they study business statistics. Some will hum along to John Mayer while they write an English essay. For me, I definitely can’t listen to music that makes me want to get up and dance while I study. I prefer to listen to music that will keep me calm but also has a happy vibe to keep my spirits up. I am also a part of the club of people who cannot listen to their favorite songs while they study. Otherwise, I’ll be giving those sitting around me at the library a solo concert. 

For this reason, I actually like listening to songs that I don’t know all the words to so that I don’t get too distracted. I now have a few go-to Spotify playlists for studying and doing work which is perfect for the midterm season. Maybe none of these are headbangers or songs you’ll want to add to your driving playlist, but they will be sure to help out when you have to bang out some work.

Ambient Chill

  • This is the most relaxing of all of my go-to’s, I actually listen to it sometimes to fall asleep. However, the music is both uplifting and soothing, and I find it to be a perfect thing to play while I’m studying flashcards or taking notes.

Quiet Evening

  • Don’t let the name of the playlist deceive you, you can definitely listen to this music at any time of day. It includes classic artists such as Adele, Bon Iver, and John Legend, but also has introduced me to artists I had never heard before. Songs like “Free Fallin’” and “Ain’t No Sunshine” will keep you motivated and focused.

Good Vibes

  • This is the most energetic of all my playlists, and you’ll definitely see hear that when you give it, a listen. It has a mix of genres and songs that are on the Top 100 and others you’ve probably never heard before. If I’m hanging at the library or in my living room with my friends and with one headphone in, this is what I’m listening to.  

Infinite Acoustic

  • I always listen to this playlist when I am stuck in the library with a long paper to write or a project to work on. It contains roughly 8 hours of great acoustic songs that work perfectly as background music.