Spring Fever: Swimsuit Addition

By Lizzie Carter

In approximately four days, half of all college students across the country will be heading off to a warm break from midterms. Florida to Mexico, no matter your destination, getting out of your small college town is going to feel liberating. But if time just simply got away from you and now you’re drowning in your closet, searching for matching two-piece suits, here are a couple of website options that will ship to you in one to two days, just in time for the break.

Courtesy of Shopbop

Shopbop: a  personal favorite of mine, this website recently partnered with Amazon prime to give you free, fast, overnight shipping. Their vast variety of brands and suit options will change your outlook on online shopping. Spring break bathing suits will never be the same and never come quicker

Courtesy of Nordstrom

Nordstrom: Never has a single website surpassed Nordstrom for me in customer service nor quick shipping. Their wide range of suites as well as beach accessories is perfect in a pinch, and nothing can beat their willingness to work with you under any circumstances about your situation.

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Courtesy of  Amazon

Amazon: When in doubt, Amazon Prime. With a variety of brands, from Mara Hoffman to sketchy, no-brand, cheap bathing suits, Amazon will hook you up. One day shipping is all you need to get the perfect suit in time, and you’re provided with one thousand and one options, proving you can’t go wrong.

So do not fret, do not panic, you have options. Losing track of time is easy during college, but looking good on spring break is even easier with all these quick shipping options to find the perfect swimming uniform.