Skin TLC Post Spring Break

By Meg Scott

Spending hours on end at the beach is what spring break is for. However, your skin wasn’t necessarily made for that… One of the biggest topics on spring break between my friends was our skin and how miserable it felt after soaking up the rays. Whether you spent your break in the Bahamas, Florida, or even at your own home, here are some products to help give your skin its own break:


  1. Recovery Spray – specifically, the Solar Recovery Save Your Skin Lotion *aka the holy grail* This stuff can get you through the worst burns and even sun poisoning. Infused with lavender and vitamin E this spray is meant to prevent peeling from the sun and even helps keep your tan. Although it’s a little hard to find in stores, find it on Amazon here.
  2. Aloe Vera – the OG, this stuff is always good to have on hand after being in the sun. Skin in pain from a sunburn? Coat it in this before bed, and it’ll help heal and cool you down. Plus you can find aloe at your local drugstore!
  3. A good face mask – Your skin is probably going to be super dry after basking in the sun and especially after traveling via airplane, so quench your skin with a good hydrating mask when you get home. Pictured here is an Aqua Hydrating mask from Francesca’s and a Nourishing Dew Mask from the brand Whish.
  4. Even better moisturizer – you guessed it, more hydration!! After using a face mask, it’s best to follow up with a good face moisturizer. Pictured above (and a personal favorite of mine) is Neutrogena’s Hydro Boost Water Gel moisturizer. Don’t be fooled by the gel consistency, this stuff is incredibly moisturizing, cools your skin down, and leaves it looking supple and healthy.
  5. Lip Balm – lips often get overlooked, but just like any other part of your face they can burn and get chapped from the sun (trust me, I know). Use a lip balm like Vaseline’s Rosy lip therapy made with petroleum jelly will leave your lips feeling comfortable and leave a sheer pink tint.