Beating the Post Spring Break Blues

By Gabriella Dini

Returning back to school after a week away can be a hard adjustment for many students. Whether your week was spent at home, with friends, with family, on a warm beach, or somewhere you love…having to bring yourself back to reality is no easy task. Here are some tips for making the adjustment back to school easier.

1. Create a plan for the week. Make to-do lists, write everything down!

Staying motivated when it comes to attending classes and completing assignments after a week away can be hard. This simple step will help you keep all of your tasks, and your life organized when adjusting back into the routine.

2. Find good music.

Music channels so many different emotions and connects us back to so many memories. Keep your spring break playlist on repeat. The good vibes you felt when listening to that music will only come back if you continue to play it! This will help you keep up the good vibes and a positive attitude on your journey to class 🙂 


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Check out the Spring Break Feels playlist on the blog!

3. Exercise, or do something stress relieving!

Exercising will keep not only your mind and body balanced, but this will help you with your schedule as well. Making time to do something you love in the midst of assignments, midterms, and projects is crucial to one’s own sanity.

4. Take a trip uptown.

There are so many yummy food places to check out uptown. Whether it’s getting a refreshing smoothie or acai bowl from Fridge and Pantry, to bring you back to your vacation vibes, or simply just grabbing a coffee uptown! Food always seems to brighten anyone’s mood so take a break and treat yourself.

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5. Spend time with your friends!

After a long week away, reconnecting with friends can make the adjustment back to school so much easier. Hang out, eat food, watch movies, simply spend time with one another!