Bangs are Back

By Julia Asphar

Oh no. Here we go again.

I have spent the past 10 years of my life trying to destroy all possible evidence of my 5th-grade self for many reasons: braces, sugar lip tank tops, converse socks, uggs, Jac Vanek bracelets… but the defining cringe of all cringes was the bangs. The bangs I begged my Mom for and the bangs I promised her I would never tire of. I pinned those bad boys up with Bobbi pins no less than two weeks after getting them cut and have not looked back since.

Flash forward, and it’s 2018. Fanny packs have gone designer, tiny sunglasses are taking over street style, and mom jeans have already convinced us that they’re comfortable. I am falling down the rabbit hole once again and am tempted by bang’s luscious rebellious nature. This time around, though, I see the hairstyle differently.

We all go through this “phase” of bangs because we all want to test our own levels of comfort and individuality. The bangs go against our normal hair growth and our normal societal expectations. They are horizontal, blunt, uneven, and sheltering. They are weird and require maintenance but are symbolically bold and speak for more than just a fashion choice by becoming a lifestyle and attitude.


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I don’t know about you, but the women in my life who have bangs are badass. It takes guts to make the chop, confidence to rock them, and a lot of discipline to keep them looking fresh. The symbolic “chop” can be representative of a new life or the yearning for change. It separates those who are brave enough to dare and those who are indifferent to standing out.

This 70s inspired, whispy, careless bang is taking over my Instagram newsfeed, growing on everyone from the Hadid’s to Selena. It is a hairstyle for the young office intern making it big in the city or the rock & roll fanatic. It can be New York angst inspired or airy and beachy with waves and highlights.

Thinking of making the cut? Do it. Have fun and be bold. If it’s not the look for you then hey it was just phase anyways right?