Paint It…denim?

By Lizzie Carter

A classic: blue denim jeans. No one can deny the infinite power that jeans can add to an outfit. While this staple piece naturally goes with any outfit, sometimes you want to let out your creative side instead of just sticking to the classic bottom and white tee top. A little pattern and print can go a long way in an outfit and create some interest where there otherwise was none. Buying painted jeans or doing it yourself creates this sense of flare that looks entirely unique to you and your style.

Courtesy of Kate McKinnon

Some call you crazy? Put on some Pollack inspired splattered pants and show them that you’re out there in the best way possible. All this insane color would look great with a plain, navy sweater on top, but also would look great with a striped sweatshirt!

Courtesy of Who What Wear

Hearts are in and super fun, so why not paint them on some flattering jeans! A more simple look makes the classic combo more put together. Expressing yourself on some painted pants with a trendy print makes everything a little more fun.

While some people prefer to stick to the classics, I say stick to the classics and kick it with some flare. I love the idea of this trend and see how it helps people express themselves in a new way that you can also DIY! Try it out with any patterns you like.