Coachella Vibes 2018

By Megan Stapleton

Flower crowns, vegan doughnuts, and cold-pressed juice? Of course. It can be easy to see why celebrities love Coachella. The stages are well maintained and decorated with beautiful lights. I love this time of year because the temperature starts to rise and festival season is kicked off with Coachella. I  have not had the chance of going, but I have watched my friends go the past couple years, and I asked them what their opinion on it was like.


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Courtesy of Christine Morgan

The Rules You Can Break

Most concerts will not allow people to be at the front of the stage without a band or ticket. You can try the old, “I’m just looking for a friend” to slide past the security.  Coachella is broken into sections. One half of the section is open to the fans, and the other half is reserved for VIPs. The boundaries on this part can be fuzzy. After a couple days of seeing flower crowns and glittery faced girls, the security guards sometimes are not able to distinguish between VIPS and nonpeople. Put a cute smile on, and you might be able to get into the section without a problem.

The Rules You Can’t Break 

While being there, it feels like you have a sense of freedom there are some strict rules. You can only sip your drink in an enclosed area you bought it from. There are some pretty gardens and vodka tents where you can go and finish your drink before moving. Bartenders are not allowed to serve vodka on site, but they are allowed to serve a shot of tequila with water in it.

Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 1.38.25 PM
Courtesy of Christine Morgan

The Food Is Amazing

The majority of the food is vegan, gluten-free and dairy free. They serve cold-pressed juices, vegan ice cream or kale salads. They even had poke bowls and vegan ramen. For people who are not into eating healthy, they also served wings, fries and fried Oreos. Yum!

It’s In The Middle Of The Desert

Yes, you will see celebrities, and yes it is incredible. Some celebrities attend to be trendy, and others attend for the music. Either way, Coachella is one of the most sought-after music festivals. Be aware that you are in a desert, but it does get cool once the sun goes down. The good thing about that is you won’t sweat, and your makeup will stay perfect on your face longer.

If you are like me and want to attend, I hope you found this post helpful. My tip is to find some friends who want to go with you and start saving money now for next year!