Reduce, Re-use, Re-style

By Lizzie Carter

A so-called passé rule of fashion, similar to the imminent suicide of mixing navy and black, is that you should never be caught dead wearing the same outfit twice. But what if I told you that these “rules” didn’t exist. In reality, it is merely impossible as a college student to not re-wear any item of clothing unless you are Malia Obama.

Today’s fashion climate tells us to buy more, more, more, but to do us a favor, fashion giants make clothes dirt cheap. Look at Forever 21 and H&M; you walk in and can purchase a shirt of poorly sewn polyester for $4. The reason these shops can get away with this is that of the cheap labor they use overseas. They have sweatshops and underpaid workers spending all their hours making millions of that Zara crop top Becca from down the hall absolutely needed in her closet to impress Chad. While I understand the appeal of these cheap items working for a night out, you can break fashion rules and this destructive cycle by re-styling clothes you already have in a multitude of ways.

That see-through mesh top you wear every Friday would look great with a patterned tank dress on top. A flannel can easily be tied up in an origami fashion to mimic a skirt. Not sure how to restyle a statement piece or a pair of “iconic” jeans you own? Simply layer and use accessories to elevate your look. Bold formal dresses can be layered with shirts underneath or tucked into jeans for a new look. A scarf tied as a top is flattering and makes a statement. There are hundreds of options and ways to restyle if you just think with a creative mindset. Do the world a favor and help break all the rules. It’ll save you cash, funky looks, and peace of mind.