Verdict on Virgil and Louis Vuitton

By Tyler Aberle

If people ask me what I think the true key to success is (not that they would because I still haven’t found it), I would think that my answer would circle heavily around two key things: Ambition and Vision.

Now, these two things sound simple and easy enough to follow, but I know for a fact that it is damn hard to follow through on. There are only a numbered amount of examples in the recent world that we can see someone who has applied that better than the next guy.

This guy’s name is Virgil Abloh.

Courtesy of HypeBeast

You might have heard in the news recently that he has become the newly appointed Artistic Director of Louis Vuitton’s menswear collections, and over these past six years, he has been a force to reckon with in the streetwear/high-fashion industry. However, his passion, art, and drive have been a long road of ambition and vision of how he saw the world of fashion. See those words? Ambition and Vision.

Courtesy of  Virgil Abloh

From a kid in Chicago that learned to sew from his mom, got an engineering degree from the University of Wisconsin, and Master’s in Architecture, the man has been on his grind his entire life. Shortly after being awarded a Master’s degree he dropped the architecture and engineering career path for his passion: fashion, art, and music. He interned with a little-known character, Kanye West, at Fendi’s fashion house in Rome. Casual right?

After that stint, he has been a non-stop focusing on his vision to break the barriers of high-fashion, and he has done just that. He has brands of Pyrex and OFF-WHITE that took the world by storm with their collaborations and celebrity fan base, directed Kanye and Jay-Z’s Watch The Throne album and was nominated for a Grammy, and now is the head director at the most iconic brand in luxury fashion. What can’t this man do?

Courtesy of GQ

The best part about it all, he could care less about the fashion world. He’s an artist with ambition and vision:

“These clothes and the things that I make that I spend time obsessing about—these 200, 300 piece collections—they’re just a means to paint a bigger picture that fashion should have a brand where the person behind it cares about different contexts, different social things, just different landscapes, and I’m just in disguise as a fashion brand that shows in Paris.”   -Virgil Abloh, Vogue