Budgeting: a College Sophomore’s Rendition

By Lizzie Carter

$7.56. That’s just about how much I have left in my pocket after every semester I’ve experienced thus far at Miami. With one month left of my sophomore year, I’m still living my life on that track. Every winter and spring, my bank statement haunts me. “Where does it all go,” my parents ask. Answer: absolutely no idea. So to help answer that question with a little more confidence, I decided to write down and document everything I’ve purchased in the past semester. Warning: It’s a little scary and a lot of stupid decisions.


Courtesy of Pinterest 


Sorority dues + tax: $501.15

Brick cover on a Friday x 8 (we’ll just estimate 8): $48

New white jeans because someone spilled a trash can on your old J. Brands: $46.99

Graeter’s with friends after you bomb a midterm exam: $5

Textbooks: $352.86 (suggestion #1: never take 20 credit hours)

Manicure for rush: $35

Bagel on the occasional Friday morning x 4: $10

Venmo’ing people because you like them (don’t do this, really takes a toll): $50

Amazon Prime colonial wig for a theme party: $15.99

Formal dress, even though you couldn’t go to formal: $38

Fixing computer in Cincinnati: $90

Gas for friends car that took you to Cincinnati because you had to make 4 trips: $28.70

Re-paying your mom for the clothes you bought on her card: $86.55

Miscellaneous money spent having fun with friends: priceless……

JK: $486.74

Total: $1,704.98

All in all, I spent money on some good things, some stupid things, some useless things, and some necessary things. I’m not mad at myself, just disappointed in certain realms of my budget. But writing it all down really helped me see where it all goes and what my priorities are, which will only help me to narrow down my budget for next year. 10/10 recommend doing this if you’re scatterbrained like me, but definitely, don’t recommend telling your parents where most of your funds have gone. Instead simply reply, organizations and food!