An Emerging Student Designer: Sydney Schroen, and Her Journey to Discovering Her Brand


By Sydney Schroen

A few years ago around this time, I was finishing up my freshman year at Miami. Still unsure of my major, where I felt I fit in, and absolutely clueless to where my remaining 3 years of school would take me.

Fast forward to now, on the verge of completing my final lap as a soon-to-be graduated senior, I feel successful in completing the grand college mission of “finding one’s self”.

Taken by MUF&D Photographers

From declaring and un-declaring a plethora of majors & minors, to beginning with several student orgs and ending with just one, I think most would agree I am a relatively indecisive human being.

The only exception to this, however, being my passion & dedication to fashion design.

Mostly self-taught, over the past decade and a half I have fine tuned my skills to reach the creation of apparel items ranging from women’s clothing and lingerie, to jewelry, and leather handbags.

Taken by Sydney Schroen

Now, what does a young adult going to school in the middle-of-nowhere-Ohio do when finally acknowledging this passion as something she cannot picture her adult life without? Despite it being one of the most cut-throat industries to enter? Well, half way through sophomore year, I finally made the choice to declare my minor in fashion, and committed myself to Miami University Fashion & Design (MUF&D).

Fast forward once again, and I have almost completed my time as an Interactive Media Studies Major, Minoring in Int’l Business and Fashion.
I have created my own personal logo, designed for the 2017 MUF&D Fashion Show, the 2018 MUF&D Fashion Show, completed a fashion-tech internship in New York, and opened an Etsy shop for my brand, Swayed Stature.

I hope to apply these past experiences in furthering my success beyond Miami as I plan to head back to New York.

Taken by MUF&D Photographers



A lot can happen in a short time.

How do you plan to further your passions before graduation? Comment below!

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