Traveling abroad alone? Yeah, do it.

By Meg Scott

This past summer I had the amazing opportunity to spend time studying in Greece. I always had an itching to go abroad, especially when I saw my friends doing it, but never actually took the leap to because I didn’t want to commit to a semester. However I ended up finding the perfect program that spent just a little over a month in Greece where I would study culture and photography.

I went into it not knowing a single person and was pretty nervous for the month leading up to it. I was really excited up until then, but then I started worrying about being homesick, not knowing anyone, getting lost, you know the usual stuff. However, once I physically got there and met the rest of my group, the jitter did slowly start to fade away. Of course, traveling with a group of friends is always going to be a memorable experience, but there was something extraordinary for me being able to travel on my own. I made friends in my group but didn’t owe anyone anything, I was able to really experience the islands with myself, and that was really nice looking back on it. I realized what I actually enjoyed when I didn’t have my friends around to influence me, I was able to become more independent and confident in myself, and really went out of my comfort zone as a whole with this experience.

I know there are tons of study abroad blogs about how great it is, and it is amazing, but I want to just touch on how okay and amazing it still can be if you do it alone. The opportunities are so endless that way with who you’ll meet, what you’ll experience, and more. So go wherever you want to go, whenever you want to go.

P.S if that place you want to go happens to be Paros, Greece… you won’t be disappointed.

Here are some pictures so we can all look at something besides the non-stop rain outside our windows in Ox –