Fashion month 2018 takes New York

By Abigail Padgett

It’s the beginning of September, which means the start of fashion’s biggest month. As designers, models and celebs galore descend on the Big Apple–before jetting off to fashion capitals London, Milan, and Paris–we regular students and 9-5ers sit back and watch Instagram with pure envy and awe.

For all of the pomp and praise of Europe’s three weeks of fashion domination, the opening week in New York City always appears to be the highlight of the month. Perhaps it’s the American in me, but there always seems to be an undeniable spirit that sets NYC apart from the rest, making it the most diverse of the weeks. No, America’s haute couture houses don’t present the timeless dresses of Dior’s iconic brand, or Coco Chanel’s femininely famous tweed suits, or Prada’s butter-soft Italian leather. So, what do we as a nation (via NYC) bring to the metaphorical fashion table.


Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 11.13.56 PM
Courtesy of Gigi Hadid


With at least 84 shows, the Big Apple really does go big. As one cohesive unit of an industry, it brings out the collections of emerging artists of the field such as Ruby Fang and Mansur Gavriel, while also paying tribute to the legends of American haute couture, such as Carolina Herrera and Ralph Lauren, whose brand celebrated its 50th year this week in typical American opulence: Lauren rented out the one and only Central Park for his runway. That’s a fashion power move if I’ve ever heard of one. Yet, its the undeniable rawness of NYC’s fashion that continues to set it apart year after year. Whether it’s the bold use of color (take a look at Brandon Maxwell’s SS19 collection), the intentional grittiness of frayed material, or even dramatic starkness of contrasting black and white (cue Alexander Wang), there is an undercurrent of energy that pushes NYFW to an unparalleled level.

For more information about specific shows and venues, click the NYFW link here.