Is fashion getting uglier?

By Lizzie Carter

Portraying who you are to the world in a purely visual & physical way is something I feel we all struggle with at some point within periods of growth during our lives. We go through phases where we think we might LOVE ourselves with bangs. We may really want to wear the chunky sneaker trend uptown. But sometimes, these choices really fail you. Sometimes, we make ugly choices.

These choices may be influenced purely by the others around us and we just simply can not figure out another reason why we want to wear these trends other than “everyone has that Rebecca Minkoff bag,” until later reflection. This is what makes some fashion ugly. We get so lost in getting the latest thing that our personal style becomes less about you and more about that dress which Gina from Tau Iota Tau wore to formal. I think that fashion should be purely what makes you feel confident and beautiful.

Courtesy of Instagram @deborarosa

I stand by the fact that overalls are somehow really flattering on me, despite my friends telling me I look like an Amish bread boy. Some of my favorite clothing items consist of an over-sized Rolling Stones t-shirt and this vintage scarf I wear in my hair. I also know that I really like myself with short hair. Now, some of these items may be kind of on trend, but that’s not why I wear them. I wear them because I like that my t-shirt has my favorite band on it, my scarves are wor and beautiful, and my hair is so easy to maintain, yet fun to style. I like these things because I picked them out and haven’t seen a blogger, the girl in Paris or classmate wear even similar items the same way as me.

I believe that the influence of others on clothing choices can be okay, but that doesn’t make something your style. It makes you easily susceptible to losing your style and diving into “ugly” fashion. It is ugly if you buy a dress that feels too tight and uncomfortable just because everyone has it. It is ugly if you say “I kind of hate these, but I want them.” Choose items that reflect your story, with your influence, with your intentions. Choose overalls and short hair, and go against the grain of ugly fashion.