The senior year bucket list

By Allie Eames


Last night, my friends and I went to the Holiday Auto Theater (the drive-in movie place in Hamilton). It was such a fun way to end a long week and is a memory of college and being with my closest friends that I’ll have for years. But it did get me thinking of all the other things I’ve been wanting to do or that I definitely want to do a few more times before I graduate, which sadly is in May.

Here’s a list I’ve thought of so far of some of my favorite memories of Oxford and things I hope to do this year.

Leave any more you’ve got in the comments!


  1. Sing karaoke at Brick on a Monday night
  2. Play trivia at Top Deck
  3. Get a beer tower from Skippers
  4. Get a late-night Crunch and Munch from Bagel & Deli
  5. Go see a drive-in movie
  6. Take a road trip
  7. Hike, camp, kayak, or just sunbathe at Hueston Woods
  8. Do an uptown bar crawl
  9. Go to Steak Night at Steinkeller’s
  10. See a concert uptown or nearby
  11. Get a Reese’s Explosion from Spring Street Treats
  12. Shop at Valley Thrift in Fairfield
  13. Make a group dinner with ingredients from Jungle Jim’s
  14. Go bowling at Oxford Lanes
  15. Go to Start the Clock with pancakes and mimosas at Corner Bar
  16. Start a prank war
  17. Finish the 14 Day Challenge at CJ’s
  18. Have a Sunday movie marathon
  19. Go to wine night at O Pub
  20. Compete in a keg race
  21. Have a poker night
  22. Watch an Oxford sunset from your roof
  23. Play an intramural game on Cook field
  24. Volunteer somewhere in Oxford
  25. Take a picture under the Arch