Odd pairs: European​ tapas and backpacks

By Lizzie Carter

Guten tag from Munich! I’m writing from all the way across the world at six in the morning because I can’t get a concept off of my mind: the exorbitant amount of backpacks and tapas on this continent. Sometimes, I awake from a deep sleep thinking about this pairing. Am I here for it? Yes. Do I understand it? More or less, no.

Full Send Backpack Trend

Before my arrival in Europe, everyone told me to keep my possessions close to me due to some pick-pocketing incidents they had heard of occurring to fellow Americans while abroad. I took this with great severity and clutched my Topshop crossbody to my hip with a threatening grip for the first two weeks. When we went to dinner, my bag sat in my laps on top of my napkin. Yet the more I traveled, the more I saw bags lying not by people’s sides, but behind them. Everyone carries backpacks. Everyone then puts their backpacks next to them at restaurants. Not just any dinner or lunch shack, but “tapas” places.

These two concepts shook what I had heard about Europe to my ideal core. There was this notion I heard that meals were long, elaborate events along with my idea of people just walking around taking what they wanted from your side. Both took the backseat after only seeing colorful Fjallraven Kanken sacks and places to get quick bites or drinks in Paris. These distort what I thought because a backpack is easy to snatch things out of and “tapas” quite literally means appetizers.

An 8 P.M Meal

This look is simply a nonlogical approach if you dwell on the advice I had heard coming here, but as I grow comfortable with my changing surroundings, I’m beginning to stand with tapas and backpacks. I vibe with keeping all my stuff comfortably behind me and eating light snacks throughout the day. I am content with having fully open hands and easy to eat bites. So as odd as it may sound, I feel as though this combo should make its way over to the US and STAT or else we’ll be swept up in the dust with our Rebecca Minkoff mini macs and Quarter Barrel Dinners.