Outfit inspiration from Paris fashion week

By Allie Eames

Fashion week is one of the best times of the year. Between the celebrity sightings, the beautiful settings, and of course, all the new collections, there’s a lot to love. However, with this year’s Paris events coinciding with a new drop in temps and that finally-fall feeling, I’m looking to PFW for more than expensive clothes I’ll never buy- I’m looking for fresh outfit inspiration.

One of my favorite parts of any fashion week is the street style. Street style is more accessible, real, and in my opinion, gives better outfit ideas than any one brand alone can concoct. Here are some of my favorite looks and what I plan on trying myself this fall.


Courtesy of Man Repeller

The casual tux: An unruly look can have its fair share of chic. I love how this jacket isn’t the main focus of attention in this outfit, the entire look is just as much about the pop of color underneath and the sleeve rolls coming from the undershirt.


Casual Trench: Trench coats are back, and while you may not know how to style one at first, this fashion week goer is making a strong case for matching it with more khaki and neutral tones. Another way to rock the trench is with a backpack and flares.


Courtesy of Man Repeller

The ultimate simplistic daytime outfit: 90’s jeans, retro glasses, a vintage leather jacket, and the LL Bean tote that all of our moms had at some point in our childhood. This look even comes with an easy hairstyle that highlights the coolness of the glasses.


Courtesy of Man Repeller

Ankle flares with platform sneakers: simple, cool, and effortless


Courtesy of Man Repeller

Muted plaid, neon yellow: a color combination that I haven’t previously considered, this fun daytime outfit only needs a little burst of color between a sea of winter tones. This trick can be applied to denim on denim, black on black, and everything in-between.


pfw 7
Courtesy of Man Repeller

Classic schoolgirl twist: this chunky, simple, waist-length cardigan, especially with these velvety plaid flares, screams back to school. I’m already online shopping for one.


Monochrome: Wearing head to toe in a scheme of similar tones is one of the easiest ways to make a statement with an outfit. I love the red-on-pink in this look and am now surprisingly wishing I had hot pink track pants.


Animal prints: I’ve been on a hunch that leopard print could be the biggest trend for winter- and one of the easiest to pull off in Oxford. Animal print makes a perfect going-out look without any effort.

Happy fashion week and happy fall!