Pieces to wear when it’s not exactly summer, and not totally fall

By Abigail Padgett

Ahhh October. It’s the beginning of a barrage of cozy sweaters, boots, PSLs, and apple picking. Well, sort of.  Technically, as of September 22nd, fall is officially here. Unofficially, it’s kind of…not.

Because the Midwest is the Midwest, the weather is typically unpredictable and inconvenient. Though you’re probably dying to put on your coziest sweatshirt and drink a hot beverage, summer tends to stick around, even into October. To me, this is frustratingly uncomfortable, because at 9 a.m. it’s a pleasant 60 degrees, and by noon it’s a sweltering 80, and you are sweating in places you didn’t think you could sweat in October.

So, here’s how I get my wardrobe to compensate for the day to day changes in temperature so that even if I wake up and forget to check Fall’s wishy-washy weather, my outfit will be prepared to take on the day.

The White Tank Top. Ever run to a classroom thinking your sweater was going to be comfortable, but then you get inside, and the building hasn’t seen air conditioning or an open window breeze since it was built? Yeah, same. That’s why I introduce to you, the white tank-top. A versatile piece that can be worn with black or blue jeans, or thrown on under a trench coat or heavier sweater. You can’t go wrong.

Courtesy of Zara

Boyfriend Jeans. Because it’s fall, but not entirely fall, you have to compromise in the jeans department. Having a pair of loose and cuffed boyfriend jeans is a great way to be casual and still put-together without burning up. Pair a light-wash with a cute sneaker or ankle boot, and you’re set for a day of hoofing it around campus.

Courtesy of Shopbop

The Zip-Up. Not the most fashion-forward of the bunch, but sometimes sacrifices have to be made. A Zip-Up sweater is great when you are on-the-go and need something you can put on and take off with ease. Wear it with your Lulu leggings, jeans, or really anything neutral colored and you can stay comfortable. Dress it up with layered necklaces or chic pants for a not-trying-trying look.

Courtesy of Nordstrom Rack

Military Jacket. Maybe the most specific of the group, but investing in a basic military jacket (think olive or hunter green) is a transitional piece that will take you from summer to fall into full-on leaves-are falling-pumpkin-carving-has-begun fall. Like most of my wardrobe, a military jacket is just a half-step up from being causal, and I like it that way. Perfect for dark jeans and ankle boot kinda vibe.

Courtesy of Who What Wear