What happened in and outside of Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s​ OTR II tour

By Caché Roberts

The Beyoncé and Jay Z On the Run Tour ll is coming to an end, and the tour was full of celebrity news.


Courtesy of Vulture


To kick things off, a crazed fan attempted attacking Beyoncé and Jay-Z. Beyoncé and Jay-Z were in Atlanta and in the middle of ending an amazing performance to song “APES***” when a crazy in love fan passed through security onto the stage. Very alerting for the audience when the insane fan then attempted to swing on the power couple as they were walking away. Fortunately, the dancers and security guards were able to intervene before things escalated. Beyoncé and Jay-Z have not pressed any charges personally. However, the fan was charged with disorderly conduct and simple battery.

In other news, the entertainment industry lost a shining star on September, 7, Mac Miller. Mac Miller, rapper and artist,  died that early morning due to a drug overdose. He had been struggling with substance abuse problems before his overdose, contributing to one of the major reasons him and Ariana Grande broke up.

Finally, the tea that everyone has been waiting for is the beef between female competing rappers, Nicki Minaj and Cardi B. New York Fashion week took a turn for the worse once Cardi B took off a shoe and attempted to hit Nicki Minaj. The brawl was apparently over Nicki Minaj commenting on the Bodak Yellow rapper’s newly born child. However, receipts have yet to be proven. Stay tuned.