The hottest rap album: Tha Carter V

By Sydney Nelson

After a long anticipated five years Lil Wayne is finally here with his new album Tha Carter V. Despite the many questions raised over if Wayne would ever return or if his career was over, he has finally made his comeback.

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Lil Wayne’s 23 song album, released on September 27th, is almost unrecognizable in juxtaposition with his former albums. Songs such as “Dark Side Of The Moon,” and “Mess” reflect a newly vulnerable side of the 36-year-old rapper and father of 4. With a more cautious and heartfelt approach, Wayne is able to successfully dial back on his overbearing Auto-Tune and his incessant vulgar language.

The album also reveals some new truths. In his closing song, “Let It All Work Out” he addresses the self-inflicted gunshot wound he endured when he was 12 years old. Before this album, he claimed the incident was accidental, however in this song he reveals that this was, in fact, a suicide attempt after his mother had told him he wasn’t allowed to rap anymore. In the song “Used 2,” Wayne’s mother, Jacida Carter, comes on at the end of the lyrics stating: “I still don’t know today. Was he playing with the gun or was it an accident I still … I just don’t I … I be wanting to ask him but I never asked him after all these years.”

It is evident that his new music is reflective of the many years of personal and professional chaos he has endured. Lastly, the album doesn’t fail to include some of the biggest names in rap music, such as Travis Scott, Nicki Minaj, Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dog, and XXXTENTACION. The biggest takeaway from Tha Carter V is that after all these years there is still more to learn about Lil Wayne.