Where to watch all your childhood Halloween movies

By Caché Roberts

Halloween is right around the corner, and that means the 90s babies are currently waiting for their favorite Halloween movies to air!


Courtesy of Cosmopolitan


Freeform has been offering traditional Halloween classics with “31 Nights of Halloween” every year. This year some movies that are seen on the list are The Nightmare Before Christmas, giving a spooky effect to Christmas as the movie revolves around Halloween oriented characters. Also, some classics like Haunted Mansion with Eddie Murphy and the popular The Addams Family appear on the list.

Here is some other exciting news. Hocus Pocus, where Sarah Jessica Parker got her start, will be playing multiple times throughout the month as the movie celebrates its 25th Anniversary Halloween Bash. The full list of movies and air times are available on Freeform’s website.

Unfortunately, the only places you will be able to find Disney classics like the Halloweentown series and Twitches will be during Disney’s 13 nights of Halloween which has yet been to be published. So stay tuned on their website, Amazon Prime, Google Play, or Youtube. However, you could always try searching for bootleg versions of the movies on Youtube if you get desperate like me!