Five shows to get hooked on this fall

By Jamie Santarella

As the leaves start to change color and the temperature drops, nothing sounds better than cozying up in bed in your warmest sweater, while drinking coffee to binge watch the best TV shows around.

Whether they’re new to the scene or have been around for a while, this collection of shows will make you cry, laugh, and keep you clicking “watch next episode” for hours straight.

Happy binging!

A Million Little Things

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A Million Little Things is a new series on ABC on Wednesday nights at 10 pm. It’s about a group of friends that come together after the death of their best friend. It’s similar to Grey’s Anatomy: dramatic, yet funny, with some good twists. If you’d like to catch up on the first couple of episodes, they are available on or Hulu.

Desperate Housewives

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An oldie, but a goodie. A friend of mine describes it as, “Gossip Girl, but SO much better,” which is all you may need to know to start watching. It’s available to binge on Hulu.

How to Get Away with Murder

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Possibly my personal favorite, How to Get Away with Murder is dramatic and intense, with a plot twist every episode. The season five just started and is already INSANE. Season 1-4 is available on Netflix, while the most recent episodes can be found on Hulu. This one will hook you within the first minute.

Big Mouth

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This Netflix original animated comedy about coming of age/puberty is hilarious. Top-notch comedians like Maya Rudolph, Jenny Slate, and Jordan Peele make up the cast. You’ll laugh so hard throughout each season that you’ll have a six pack after binging.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

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Jersey Shore may not be considered by most one of the best TV shows, but it’s a reality TV classic and it’s back with its original cast performing even more shenanigans. The two new seasons are available on and they’ll remind you why you fell in love with the trashy TV show in the first place.