Tips to survive the job hunt

By Meg Scott

As a current senior, I can officially attest… searching for a job is draining. Not only does it force you to face the reality that you’ll be leaving Oxford in a few months as a real adult (maybe?), but it also forces you to truly figure out what you want to do with your life, which is a scary thought for a lot of people.

There are millions of jobs out there and after countless LinkedIn connections, submissions of your resume, and uncomfortable emails, the search doesn’t seem any easier. With that said, hopefully, these tips help you feel slightly more motivated and confident about the process.

  1. Take a breath… seriously – it’ll help
  2. Talk to friends and family – they know you best, so when you’re struggling to understand you, they might be best option to help you put things in perspective
  3. Find a mentor – this can be a professor, a boss, a relative, etc.
  4. Use every single connection you have – you have more connections than you think, and don’t be afraid to send a follow-up email (or multiple)
  5. Make a pro/con list – it might sound silly, but this can help you organize your thoughts
  6. Don’t compare yourself to others (friends or otherwise) – it’s hard when friends are getting jobs, and you feel like you’re falling behind, but everyone has their own path so don’t worry about anyone but you!
  7. Trust the process – it’ll all work out, in the end, the way it’s supposed to
  8. Be positive – this might be hard, but just keep training yourself to think positively about the whole experience