Halloween costume ideas for any scenario

By Bridget Bonanni

With your best friend:

Glenda the Good Witch and the Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz

For a more interesting take on the overused angel and devil costume, recreate these famous characters from a classic movie. For Glenda, all you need is a pink, princess dress that you can get from a costume store, or even order on Amazon, a silver crown and a wand. For the Wicked Witch of the West, all you need is a long black dress, a black witch’s hat, a broom, and even some green face paint if you want to go all out!


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Going solo:

Kylie Jenner at her 21st birthday party

So, this look was nothing short of iconic and I think it deserves some recreation on Halloween. You would need a long, straight, bleached blonde wig (or no wig if you’re a natural blonde!), a pink sparkly bodycon dress (fashionnova.com has a romper inspired by her look!), some light pink/nude heels and a signature Kylie makeup look, complete with a winged eyeliner, pink blush and a bronzed cut crease.

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With a group of friends:

Donna & the Dynamos from Mamma Mia!

There is no better time for this costume since Mamma Mia 2 has just come out. Show your love for the sequel by dressing up to let your inner dancing queen out! You can buy a full on a suit just like they had in the movie on Amazon.com and pair it with some funky platforms; or you could use your best dramatic flare jeans and pair them with a bright bodysuit, a jean jacket, and some hoops!


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With your significant other:

Shark boy and Lava girl

Who doesn’t love a good Disney Channel childhood throwback with a duo like this? You can either try hard or put in minimal effort to make this work. What you need is all blue clothes for shark boy and all pink clothes for lava girl. To perfect it, for shark boy, get a blue shirt with a shark jaw on it, a fin to put on the head and a fin to put on the back. For lava girl, get a bright pink wig, a form fitted pink long sleeve shirt and pink leggings or disco pants. If you want to perfect the look, you can find bodysuits for both on Amazon!

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When you have no time to plan:

Sandy from Grease

This costume is so classic, it will never go out of style. All you need is a black form-fitting crop top, black jeans, disco pants or leggings, black or red heels, and the optional leather jacket. Tightly curl your hair, pop on some red lipstick, do a quick smoky eye and your good to go. Even if you don’t have all of these pieces to perfect the outfit, the chances of your friends having them are very high!


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Happy Spooky Season!