Why print media is still relevant in the digital age

By Sydney Richardson

“Journalism is dying!”

“Newspapers/magazines/books won’t exist in the near future.”

“Bye print media, hello advanced technology!”

The general public continues to cycle around such claims in everyday discourse. When people think of the term digital age, they tend to dismiss print media altogether. Why? Well, comedian John Oliver has some clever points to start off with.

From giving proper credit to journalists: “It’s not just news outlets! Stupid shows like ours lean heavily on local papers; whenever this show is mistakenly called journalism, it is a slap in the face to the actual journalists whose work we rely on.”

To blatantly defending print media: “The media is a food chain, which would fall apart without local newspapers; between 2003 and 2014, the number of full-time statehouse reporters declined by 35%. That’s not good! Not having reporters at government meetings is like a teacher leaving her room of 7th graders to supervise themselves.”

To identifying valid facts regarding digital media: “If journalists are constantly required to write, edit, shoot videos, and tweet, mistakes are going to get made; it is clearly smart for newspapers to expand online, but the danger in doing that is the temptation to gravitate towards whatever gets the most clicks.”

I also found a concise LinkedIn post that solidifies what John Oliver was trying to express: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/advantages-print-media-todays-digital-world-steffen-egelund/

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I am among the minority of folks who continue to read physical copies of magazine and newspaper periodicals (for reasons I completely understand). However, my challenge for you is to pick up a tangible piece of writing. Take your time reading through it. I can guarantee that you will absorb more information than you would a website or blog.

Consider the benefits that come with print media and begin supporting those outlets. Do it for the sake of protecting checks and balances and educative free speech. Journalists work hard to produce quality content and inform the public. Whether you enjoy news, entertainment, fashion, or food… buy a print version. *Including our very own handheld copy of UP Magazine!* Start paying writers back.