I went 30 days without bread, ​and this is what happened

By Caché Roberts

If you’re anything like me, then you spend your time on Youtube. And if you know anything about Youtube, then you know that your favorite beauty vloggers may promote a silly idea like installing a coupon browser like Honey, which I did, then they bring up other ideas. One of my favorite makeup beauty Youtubers, Jackie Aina, was doing a makeup video when she mentioned a new diet.

Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 5.30.42 PM

This diet is called the #NoBreadChallenge, and it consists of you refraining from enjoying bread in 30 days. I’m talking about none of your favorite desserts like German chocolate cake or favorite on-the-run breakfast foods like pop tarts. No pizza or Subways subs and if your bougie like me no cranberry scones. No bread at all.

I started this process because like anyone I wanted to shed some weight and Aina mentioned how she just mentally and physically felt healthy and energized. I was at a point in the semester where I was just eating whatever and not thinking about the consequences or healthier options. I wanted to endure in this journey for me, self-appreciation!

Within the first week, I was having withdrawals like crazy. I would have given anything to go to Starbucks to get my morning bun, but I stuck through it. I found that drinking water daily also helped this long process. Around my second week, it became easier, I would order different options without hesitation, did I mention pasta counts?

Finally, I saw true results, those slight increases walking Uptown seemed easier, and my waist was slimming big time. After 30 days though, I quickly resumed my regular diet, but I limited myself to bread once a week. Let’s just say that lasted for one week. But I honestly would try this diet again if I catch myself slipping in the food area.

Would you try it?