Berlin: style files

By Lizzie Carter

When most think of cities that consist of the pinnacle of European fashion, haute couture hubs like Milan, Paris, or London might float to the surface. While these places house legendary fashion names and stylish streetwalkers around every corner, I have found that the epitome of taste and original dress happens to be in Berlin.

Elisa Vassiliadis

Berlin registers to most, including some of my friends, as a random city in ummm… Eastern Europe? But after a well-spent weekend in this metropolis, this up and coming city registers as a cultural and historic hub for the twenty-first century. Bleached locks, sneakers so chunky you’ll think they’re air casts, vintage leather, and 80’s Adidas windbreakers everywhere, Berlin is all about picking how you want to express yourself and not caring what a single other person thinks of your style.


Benthe Marlene Mey Liem

The outfit to the right should be all you need to understand why their street style is everything you need for your fall inspiration. Fur and florals? A one hundred percent yes. From doubling up on stylish outerwear to testing out streetwear trends like fanny packs, the Berlin style stars have a way of styling looks that fuse elements of both the avant-garde and the practical.