Five tips to have a productive day

By Carolyne Croy

Getting a full night’s sleep in college is a rare occurrence, but it is possible to wake up on the right side of the bed even if you don’t get your full 8 hours of sleep. Here are five tips on how to cultivate your morning routine to have a productive day!

Tip #1 Plan your Outfit the night before

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This might remind you of elementary school when you picked out your outfit every night before bed, but not only does pre-planning your outfit at night eliminate the hassle of thumbing through your closet in the dark while your roommate sleeps, it might even give you a few extra minutes of beauty rest. You can look at the weather app on your phone the night before to prepare your outfit for the next day, and you’ll go to class comfortable and stylish!

Tip #2 Place your alarm on the other side of your room

Charging your phone on the other side of the room overnight won’t only force you to get up on time, it will also eliminate late-night Netflix/Youtube marathons. But, if you’ve developed the habit of scrolling through your phone before bed (as I have)  you can buy an alarm clock and put it on the other side of your bedroom.


Get this sleek, minimalistic alarm clock that will match any room’s decor from Target.



Or buy this alarm clock that tells you the weather as well as the time from Amazon. It comes in four different colors and its simple design will work with any room.


Tip #3 Take five minutes for gratitude using the five minute journal

Trade scrolling through your phone first thing after waking up with 5 minutes of journaling. The Five Minute Journal is a tool you can use the first five minutes of your day to create good intentions, express gratitude, and set goals for your day.

Tip #4 Take Your Skincare Seriously

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Autumn is here and the weather is cooling down. To keep away dry skin, invest in some heavy duty moisturizing products to protect yourself during  the coming winter months.


The name of this moisturizer speaks for itself. Try The True Cream- Aqua Bomb from Belif. You’ll wake up with radiant smooth skin that glows, no matter the weather.


And to keep your lips from getting dry & cracked, try this Lip Sleeping Mast from Laneige. This lip mask has received rave reviews, and according to Kaleigh Fasanella, the Associate Digital Director at Allure, this mask made her lips “the softest they’ve ever been.” You can buy it now at Sephora.


Tip #5 Don’t forget the most important meal of the day

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Red, White & Berries🌟

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Yes, 8am classes are awful, but they’re a little less awful if you eat some breakfast! Make some time for breakfast before leaving your dorm and cook up some microwave oatmeal. Oats and fruit will give you long lasting energy that will help you get through say, a two hour Biology Lecture. And if you’re lucky enough for your dorm days to be behind you, take advantage of the stove top in your apartment and whip up an omelette or scrambled eggs. At the very least, grab a granola bar before heading out the door to get your metabolism started for the day.




These KIND Cashew and Ginger Spice granola bars are the perfect flavors for fall, and they’ll give you the morning boost you need. You can buy them in bulk from  Amazon and they’ll last you all Autumn long!

Invest In Yourself

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Walking through half the week like ✌️

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You deserve to have a day filled with productivity and fun. Use these tips to kickstart your day, and you’ll wake up every morning energized and excited for what lies ahead!