30 ways to boost your mood this fall

By Hannah Straub

Sometimes when life gives you lemons, you just gotta ditch them and grab a latte.

No, but seriously, every now and then, especially with the midterm season upon us and with Halloween over and Thanksgiving approaching, life is going to come at you with bad days, bad moods, bad moments and bad memories that can discourage you of any good you can do for yourself.  And even if everything going on is out of your control, dice those lemons that life has handed you, squeeze the juice in life’s eyes, and replace them with a sweet, comforting latte.
Or a doggo.
Or a yoga mat and some zen music, whatever floats your boat.

College can be rough, and it’s hard to think about working out and showering for starters, not to mention your mental health. A lot of us don’t have time to be present in our daily tasks or have a quiet moment with ourselves. If you know you’re in need of some veg-time, here are some full-proof ways to improve your mood this fall, even if you’re in a time-crunch.

  1. Do some yoga/stretching
  2. Listen to some new music
  3. Buy a new pair of slippers or comfy socks
  4. Sip your favorite coffee or tea
  5. Order in your favorite meal (or make it yourself!)
  6. Buy your favorite candy or snack and watch your favorite sitcom
  7. Take a health shot from a local juicer
  8. Try out some essential oils
  9. Watch your favorite feel-good movie
  10. Make a “pissed” list
  11. Exercise
  12. Take a hot shower and hop into some comfy clothes
  13. Eat ice cream
  14. Take a mini getaway out of town
  15. READ! Even if it’s a book you’ve read a million times through.
  16. Grab your roommate and have a dance party
  17. Pet a dog or hang out with your pet
  18. Paint your nails a fall color or go get your nails did
  19. Buy yourself some flowers
  20. Splurge on something you’ve had your eye on
  21. Compliment a stranger or help someone out
  22. Try a cute new cafe or restaurant- bonus points if it’s outside of Oxford
  23. Make a dream board or add to an existing one
  24. Call a family member
  25. Vent to a friend or write it down yourself
  26. Rearrange your furniture
  27. Doodle or color
  28. Cry it out, sometimes you just need to
  29. Count your blessings
  30. And smile anyways, it feels good!

Hopefully, one or a combination of these will help lift your spirits and get you back to feeling more like the sunshine that, though fleeting, is still shining through the beautiful red and orange leaves. If not, then hang on tight, things will be better tomorrow!