What your vote means

By Daphne DuMaurier

With voting coming to a close on November 6th, there is still time for you to make the most of your vote. This year, as is done every 2 years, you will get the opportunity to vote in a new Congress. This means that you will be voting for representatives to join the chambers of Congress and be part of the lawmaking branch of government. They are in charge of the guidelines surrounding affordable healthcare, taxes, national security, and more. With your vote, you can dictate who makes these decisions and give your voice a place in the higher branches of government.


The race is tight this year as Republicans fight to keep control of both chambers of Congress and Democrats fight to gain a majority in any branch of government as they currently hold none. If you’re already registered to vote, don’t let it go to waste. Confirm your registration on the Butler County Elections website and don’t forget to bring your current form of ID and proof of current address.

For more information on how to vote visit here, for more information on your state’s candidates visit here.