Jackets you need this fall (and winter)

By Hannah Straub

With Halloween making its rounds and Thanksgiving and Christmas approaching, sweater weather follows suit with jackets and coats taking full reign. From celebrities like Kate Hudson and Rita Ora, all the way to royal Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, everyone seems to be rocking jackets and more jackets this season. Here is my guide to all the different ways to rock the jacket look this season. Cold, snowy weather not included.

  1. The Teddy Coat

The most infamous of this bunch is the I.AM.GIA teddy coat, that grew popular last year, it seems as if everyone and their mother had one. Now popular brands like Free People, H&M, and Abercrombie and Fitch have created their own rendition of this enticingly comfortable zip-up coat. It’s been styled with everything from leggings and a baggy t-shirt, to a sleek pair of jeans and a crop top, all the way to a formal dress. This coat is a must-have for the colder months.

2.The Plaid Blazer


Although often referred to as the “work” print, this hot ticket blazer can work with dressing up any outfit, no matter how fun! This print has gained wild popularity recently, and has been seen on scarves, skirts, and even shoes, proving that where there is work, there is play. This jacket, ranging from grey and black shades to yellow and brown, can be used to dress up an already polished look, while also giving sophistication to an everyday outfit, like a t-shirt and jeans. It’s a print that everyone should have in their closet.

3. Oversized Denim Sherpa


There’s nothing better to spruce up a timeless denim jacket, other than to line if with fuzzy sherpa fleece. Combining the ruggedness of the denim with the cozy-ness of the fur, this look can jazz up any fall-to-winter look. Consider styling it with a casual dress, a tattered hoodie for added warmth, or even add it to your everyday look. There’s nothing wrong with a little denim-on-denim action.

4. Leather Jacket


A structured leather jacket is a time-tested formula for instant edginess. It seems as though it is a staple in everyone’s wardrobe, but even more so once the chillier months roll around. It can be styled with high waisted pants and a crop top or even over formal dresses with heels. With winter approaching, a turtleneck sweater is all I need to complete the look.

5. Duster Jacket


The duster is the perfect jacket to wear year round, but especially in the fall and winter for layering purposes. The chicness of the structure gives it a polished look, and one that you can rock on a night out and to the office. They work in a variety of colors, but they provide the perfect amount of warmth without going full-fledged parka.

Bonus: Blanket Scarf

how-to-wear-a-blanket-scarf-1-e1512422993894 (1)

The perfect clothing item to wear to emit the perfect cozy vibe. There are many ways to wear this timeless classic, whether it is in the form of a shawl, underneath an insulated parka, or even belted with a structured peacoat. Regardless, these scarves will add a pop of color to any winter outfit and provide optimal warmth.