Rihanna is winning at life

By Caché Roberts

Rihanna is screaming women empowerment this past year as she adds to her status as a businesswoman!

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What many people do not know is that Rihanna’s real name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty. Hence, where she got the big brand name FENTY. She trademarked Fenty first when she launched Fenty x Puma. Fenty x Puma is a fashion line where shoes, clothes, and accessories are sold and started back in 2017.

Another contribution to the Fenty family was her new Fenty Beauty collection for makeup that launched with 40 shades of foundations setting the new tone for makeup lines to compete with the high demand. However, it has been officially a year since the launch of Fenty Beauty, and Rihanna has brought new signature products that are here to stay. I recommend trying the foundation and the new universal lip bomb in diamond milk color.

Fenty Beauty Homepage


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Rihanna is not done though as she just added lingerie to her resume of products. Savage x Fenty is a lingerie line supporting all shapes and sizes with beautiful embroidered bras and underwear. The line was just launched this year in September!

Check out the site here Savage x Fenty



As Rihanna is indeed winning, she also has used her platform to speak on politics as she recently just celebrity endorsed Andrew Gillium for midterm year elections in Florida. She has currently been tweeting out support for Andrew Gillium.



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As far as music, there has not been that much buzz around her next studio album, but there has been some gossip of Rihanna starting a new furniture line.

Stay tuned!