Foodstagrams to follow

By Emma Naille

Ever since my grandma and grandpa started incorporating my sisters and me into the holidays (not just the winter ones), by letting us help make the meals and desserts, I have loved cooking and baking.

For Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter and all the holidays in between, my family gathers at my grandparents’ house to make and eat a meal together. My love of food has turned into an individual passion for all things food (my Dad is convinced I need to be a food critic), especially baking. However, the #dormlife means not getting to bake as much, so I live vicariously through the various foodie Instagrams I follow. Here are some of my fav accounts to drool over.


Sarah Kieffer

Sarah is one of the first baking instagrams I followed. I was drawn in by her clean-looking aesthetic and scrumptiously huge “pan-banging” chocolate chip cookies (I have actually made these and it took me four hours-whatever you do, don’t double the recipe!). Sarah posts all things desserts, all things she’s made. She also has a blog, The Vanilla Bean Blog, and a cookbook.

Thalia Ho

Thalia is another of the first baking Instagrams I followed, and again I was attracted to her page by her chocolate chip cookies, which feature large pools of melted chocolate. I love the perspective of her pictures, often featuring close-ups of stretched dough, swirled frosting, and scooped ice cream. I also love the earthy theme she’s gone for, it screams autumnal comfort.  Thalia also has a blog called butter and brioche.

Zoë François

Zoe bakes is another one of my favorite individual foodstagrams. Her account features pristine and intricate bakes that are just plain beautiful. I also love when she posts videos on her Instagram Story, showing you how to make one of her recipes. She has a blog called “zoe bakes.”

Milk Bar

If you read my post about my favorite girl bosses, you would know I am OBSESSED with Christina Tosi. She’s just too fun and such an inspiration (again, go watch her episode on Chef’s Table!). Milk Bar is her company, which includes bakeries in NYC, DC, Vegas, Toronto, and LA. Their Instagram is colorful and fun, just like Tosi, and will make you want to visit Milk Bar asap (it’s literally on my bucket list).

Drake on Cake

Drake on Cake is an account I discovered through Christina Tosi. This account is fun and vibrant while still keeping a coherent theme. Each picture features a cake with Drake lyrics written on it. Too good.

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Joy the Baker

Joy is the mastermind behind Drake on Cake. She’s also a self-taught baker and has written three cookbooks (are you impressed? I’m impressed). Her feed isn’t 100% food but mostly consists of gorgeous pictures of her most recent bakes. I love that her page is a bit more personal than the other baking Instagrams I follow.

Sarah’s Day

Sarah is a YouTuber I follow, and one of my favorites! Though her page isn’t completely dedicated to food, she often posts her picturesque smoothie and nourishes bowls on insta. She is a self-proclaimed “Holistic Health Princess” which means all of her recipes are way healthier than anything I’ve ever eaten in my life.

Fox in the Snow

Fox in the Snow is a bakery and coffee shop located in Columbus, OH. My sisters and I love going to Fox in the Snow for their delicious pastries (their biscuit is legitimately the best thing I’ve ever eaten) and lattes. Follow them for pictures of perfect latte art and enviable brunch spreads. And if you’re ever in Columbus, I 100% recommend hitting up one of their stores, literally the best.

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Roosevelt Coffeehouse

Roosevelt is another Columbus coffee shop I love (good ole cbus). You will find more pretty latte art on their account, but the cool thing about Roosevelt is that they are committed to fighting against the “injustices of hunger, unclean water, and human trafficking.” Coffee and social justice? I’m all for it.

River Road Coffeehouse

River Road is near and dear to my heart. It’s the first coffee shop I ever loved, and I honestly don’t think anything will ever top it because it’s the coffee shop in my hometown. I love the darker theme of River Road’s account and that they feature pictures others have posted. The page mimics the small-town, homey feel that the Granville location has (it’s located in an old house). If you’re ever in the Ville (or Newark for that matter), make sure to visit River Road.