Why thanksgiving means more to me now than ever

By Daphne DuMaurier

Returning from this much-needed break, with family and friends at the heart of my travels, I reflect back on the events over the past year and the tragedies that have struck our nation. Every day seems to come with a new headline and a new body count. Though our nation shares in the pain of each loss, the loss does not seem to stop. We can only control our actions, and even if we could control the actions of others, nature has a mind of its own and looks to exercise its power, from hurricanes to wildfires. As they span from coast to coast, no one can hide from the impact and potential threat that lurks around every new day.

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With this in mind, as I enjoyed not only the pause of school and the never-ending quantity of food, I was cherishing the moments I am lucky enough to have with the people that matter most in my life; from my parents to my cousins to my best friends. As our world continues to change and predictability is never something you can count on, remembering to take in the moments we each share with one another is the only way we can live in the present and embrace all that life has in store.