A new era of music: what a time to be alive

By Emma Naille

Recently, artists have been releasing new music left and right (and we are here for it). My sister is one of those people who is always listening to music, and she is always stressing me out trying to catch up with her (all of my playlists are just copies of hers basically). If you need something new to listen to, here are some of my (and/or my sister’s) favorite artists who have released new music within the last few months:


1. Ariana Grande

Ariana just dropped “thank u, next” (not a whole album, just a song) and my sister will not stop talking about it. I like the song too. Ariana has a powerhouse voice that I will never get tired of listening too. On a slightly unrelated note, she also happens to be the queen of clapping back on Twitter, which just makes me love her even more.


I went to see LANY in concert in Chicago recently, and they were SO GREAT. Honestly one of the best concerts I’ve ever been too. The production is amazing, and Paul Jason Klein is just the cutest human. I love their music because it’s a lot of chill jams (my fav). They recently dropped Malibu Nights, which is a great album. I love listening to it while working out and while walking to class. Some of my favorite songs on it are “If You See Her,” “I Don’t Wanna Love You Anymore,” and “Thru These Tears.” If you haven’t listened to LANY before, they are worth it, trust me.


3. Twenty-One Pilots

This Ohio favorite just released their latest album, Trench. While this album has received mixed reviews, I personally am a fan. I have loved their song “Morph” recently.

4. Young the Giant

I started listening to Young the Giant last year, and they are now one of my favorite bands. Their music is very chill (are you spotting a theme here?) but you can still break it down to a lot of their songs. Their new album, Mirror Master, is filled with a rich beat and melody. My favorite songs right now from the album are “Tightrope,” “Brothers Keeper,” and “Oblivion,” but honestly they are all jams.

5. Khalid

Khalid just came out with his second album, Suncity. I really love running to this album because it is upbeat without setting a pace that I feel like I have to run to (this is important to me because I am slow).

6. Mumford & Sons

I love Mumford & Sons, but they are one of those bands I need listen to more. Their new album Delta was released this month. Mumford & Sons just make beautiful music. It’s great study music or just general background music.

7. Hippo Campus

Hippo Campus is another good chill jams kind of band. I haven’t listened to their new album Bambi much to be honest because I’m still trying to catch up with their older stuff. But if their older music is any indication this album should be excellent!

8. Jon Bellion

I don’t listen to Jon Bellion a lot, but I would like to start (my sister loves him, so you know he’s gotta be good). He recently released a new album called Glory Sound Prep.