Plus-size fashion is the most exciting thing in retail right now

You might have been noticing that the retail industry has started to become a lot more size-inclusive lately. There were first movements by brands like Aerie and Modcloth to stop retouching and embrace different body types into retail. Then there was Lane Bryant’s I’m No Angel campaign that used plus models like Ashley Graham to protest against the notion that we should all look like Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show models. Certain brands we know and love, like Asos and Forever 21 wholeheartedly added size-inclusive ranges into their assortments years ago, and insta-famous brands like FashionNova have recently literally made it cool to be curvy. Now, brands that used to exclusively serve “missy” sizes, generally meaning sizes 00-12, have started to extend those sizes up into more of a plus-size range.

 UP Magazine Staff

This is a huge deal, as the industry hasn’t always been so plus-size friendly. The idea that plus-size women can’t enjoy the same styles as missy sizes are about to ultimately become a thing of the past. Brands such as Madewell, J.Crew, LOFT, and Lucky Brand have adapted many of their full-range products to cater to a larger range of body types.


If the average woman is a size 16 and over two-thirds of women in the US are considered plus-size, why is the industry so skewed to serve just those women that are between a 00 and 12? There are some brands fighting back against this outdated idea of retail- why should our favorite styles be divided between missy and plus-size?


Take the brand Universal Standard for example. Not only is this brand exceptionally cool, sophisticated, modern and functional, but it serves women from a size 00-40. Truly all body types are welcome at Universal Standard, and that is something to be celebrated.

 Universal Standard

No aspect of the fashion industry, whether it’s the latest fashion weeks or who the newest creative director for which high-fashion designer is, is as exciting right now as the plus-size market. If you want to honestly watch an industry transform, you need to keep an eye on plus-size. We’re genuinely going places as a culture and generation of inclusivity.