Easy ways to relieve final exam stress

With final exams, here students are beginning to freak out, as they know that they will be spending countless hours in the library reading over numerous study guides and textbook pages. I’m here to tell you: DON’T FREAK OUT!  Even though studying is the most important, it is also super important that you take time for yourself and step away from the computer for a little bit.

Here is a list of a few fun and easy ways to relieve stress during final exam week:

  1. Exercise

Going to the gym has always been my go-to method for alleviating stress. Even if it means just going for 30 minutes, any release of endorphins will help work out that frustration and anxiety. If you are feeling ambitious, try out a workout class!

  1. Eat Power Foods

Try to avoid those vending machines when spending long hours in the library, even though they may be tempting. Go for things like fresh fruits and vegetables. It is super easy to slip an apple or a banana into your bag and eat it on the go.


  1. Try Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is known to be great at alleviating stress. Specifically, peppermint scents are said to help with your mental state and increase focus and memory. If you find yourself studying in your room, I highly recommend lighting a peppermint candle, not only to help you focus but also to remind you of the impending fun that comes with the holidays!

  1. Have Tea Time

Even though you may prefer coffee over tea, tea is proven to have a calming effect, which is definitely needed over finals week. In between all the coffee, mix in a nice warm tea, because too much caffeine is not healthy and can have an adverse effect on studying.   

  1. Remember to Sleep

Set aside at least 7-8 hours in your schedule for some sleep. This is super important! Sleep deprivation leads to things like memory loss, inability to concrete, and increased stress levels, all of which are things you want to avoid during finals week.

  1. Take a Lunch Break with Friends

A quick lunch break with your close friends is the best way to decompress after a stressful studying session. A few good laughs and a good meal will help motivate you to keep studying after your break.

  1.  Do a Face Mask

Relax after a day of studying by sitting in bed with a face mask on. The smell and texture of the mask will help soothe your skin and mind after a day of stress.

  1. Take a Walk with a Friend

Every once in a while, get up from your studying spot and walk around with a friend to get the blood flow back in your legs and also to get a change of scenery. A few minutes of walking and conversation is sure to bring a newfound sense of motivation.

  1. Coloring

Schedule a 30-minute break and take the time to color a picture in one of those Adult Coloring Books. Focusing on the different colors and the tiny components of the picture that need to be colored in will lead to serious relaxation.

  1. Play with a Dog

If you have any friends who have a dog or know anyone who has a service dog, take some time out of your studying to play with one. Even petting a dog for 5 minutes is sure to provide you with some relaxation, (and it is definitely the cutest way to de-stress)!