My 2019 vision board

Like many other people I know, I am guilty of making New Year’s resolutions and forgetting about them by the second week of the year. But this is the year I turn 20, which in my eyes makes me a real adult, and has inspired me to take 2019 by the reigns and commit to keeping my resolutions and accomplishing my goals. And to make 2019 the most accomplished year of my life, I am making strides the way Youtubers and social media influencers do: by creating a vision board.

The purpose of a vision board is to set out your goals right in front of you so that you can look at them on a daily basis and keep the premise of them at the front of your mind. There is no wrong way to create a vision board.  Some prefer it to be round to reflect the circularity of routines and the cycle of a year, while others prefer laying out images in a clear, structured layout to promote organization and clarity. And then there are left-brained, type B personalities like myself who make it up as they go and end up with a collage-style vision board. 


I started off with a white poster board and ideas of what I wanted to accomplish in the year to come. I know I want to travel, I want to try new foods, and join a sorority. I flipped through the pages of magazines accumulated throughout the year searching for photos that fit my image for the upcoming year.

IMG_6560.jpgAfter flipping through magazines several times, I still needed more pictures to represent my goals and fill my board. I scrolled through Instagram looking at my favorite influencers’ profiles to find some of my favorite posts that I could incorporate onto my board. I failed to remember that my printer was out of colored ink, but the black and white photos added some balance against the saturated images from the magazines.

IMG_6567.jpgIn this section I took inspiration from Elsa Hosk’s (Victoria’s Secret Model) Instagram as well as from Negin Mirsalehi (Forbes 30 Under 30 Award Winner). I admire Elsa’s confidence and Negin’s sense of style and I added them to my board hoping to incorporate these traits into my own life in 2019.

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Daily comfort look.

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I finished off my 2019 vision board by cutting out letters to create my title and adding borders to some of the images with sequins. I also mounted the board to a flattened cardboard box to keep it stable and stop it from folding so that it lasts all year long!

IMG_6564.jpgHere’s to spreading positivity and accomplishing goals in 2019 thanks to my vision board!