A day with Warhol

If you find yourself in New York City before March 31st, I recommend heading over to the Whitney Museum of American Art to experience the works of Andy Warhol in the exhibit Andy Warhol: From A to B and Back Again. After knowing his name and his most popular pieces for years, I only really begun to appreciate Warhol’s art when I took an art history class at Miami. After taking the class and later seeing the exhibit, I would say he’s pretty wonderful.

My hometown in Connecticut gives easy access to New York City; it’s only about a 45 minute to an hour drive there (without traffic). When boredom finally struck during the six-week-long winter break, my family and I decided to head into the city to have a day filled with Andy. The exhibit has many of his original works on display, including those shown below.




Each section and piece featured in the exhibit are followed with facts, backstories, etc., which makes it even more worthwhile to see. If you like Andy Warhol, art, or just want an excuse to go to New York City, you can reserve tickets on the Whitney’s website. The last week of the exhibit happens to be the week of our spring break–just sayin’.