Watching “A Cinderella Story” in 2019

I recently watched “A Cinderella Story” with a friend (it’s on Netflix friends!!) and it was so funny to see all the weird little things I hadn’t noticed as a kid. Looking back on the 2000s fashion and technology was also funny. Here a few things from the movie that made me giggle.


1. Texting on flip phones

Remember when you had to press a button three times to get to a letter? Those were the day’s man. Also when Hilary Duff narrates this part, she says “laugh out loud” instead of “lol” and I just thought that was funny. Texting shorthand itself has become words now.

2. Low rise pants

All the fashion in this movie is honestly hilarious. Hilary Duff sports low rise pants throughout the whole movie, so 2000s.

3. Wedding dress at homecoming??

Okay, I never thought twice about this when I was little but Sam, Hilary Duff’s character, literally wears a wedding dress to a high school dance, like what??

4. The Cringe

I found the whole gazebo scene sooooo cringe. The way they talk to each other like they’re in a romance novel and how they dance with a random orchestra that appears, yikes. Little Emma would have swooned but the Emma of today couldn’t help but giggle.

5. Austin Ames.

Austin Ames, Chad Michael Murray’s character, honestly just irked me. How could he not know who Sam was? She was wearing a tiny mask that covered a very small amount of her face. He looks right at her multiple times and doesn’t know who she is. He also broke up with his girlfriend in a diner, with people around, and right before a school dance. That’s way harsh.

Even though this is a movie of its time, I still love it. There are so many great moments. And it is honestly actually funny.

I’ll never get over the locker room scene.


Also, I had to end this with a Rhonda quote because she’s the bomb.