Captivated by Lauren Daigle

I have recently become obsessed with Lauren Daigle.

lauren daigle

If you don’t know, Lauren Daigle (pronounced like bagel, I don’t actually know that, I’m just guessing) is a singer being called the “Christian Adele.” Though her music does have Christian themes, I think you’d still enjoy it even if you aren’t of the Christian faith.

Her songs, like “You Say” which won Daigle a Grammy for Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song, have been playing on mainstream radio stations, and she has performed on shows like Ellen and Good Morning America.

I first heard about Daigle at the beginning of last semester, hearing some of her songs at worship nights. I was vaguely aware of her, but didn’t start listening to her whole album until recently.  She’s gotten so big, my Mom texted me recently saying she’d heard her on the radio (you know you’ve gone big when Mommas out there know about you). 

Her latest album, “Look Up Child,” has been on repeat for me for the past few days. I love how soulful her songs are, and she has a gorgeous voice. My favorite songs from the album include, “Look Up Child,” “Still Rolling Stones,” and “This Girl.”

She also has some cool merch that I am 100% adding to my birthday wish list. I love the Still Rolling Stones shirt, the Loved shirt, and the joggers.

Give Lauren Daigle a listen! I promise you’ll be captivated.