Must-See movie: Love, Rosie

I don’t know about you guys, but to me, Valentine’s Day seemed super EXTRA this year (especially around campus), or maybe this was just my opinion. I couldn’t even go on my Instagram account, without seeing 100+ Instagram posts and stories of girlfriends and boyfriends. When I opened the door to the Shriver Package Center on Valentine’s Day, a strong scent of flowers wafted out, and when I looked over at the desk, there were at least 20 vases filled with beautiful Valentine’s Day flowers.

So of course, I spent the day sulking about not having a boyfriend or anyone special to deliver me flowers and a little brown teddy bear that says “love you.” I figured the best way to deal with my newly profound romantic misery would be to watch a romantic movie. So, I asked around for some suggestions, and I stumbled upon the movie Love, Rosie, starring Lily Collins and Sam Claflin. I was instantly drawn to this movie because I loved Lily Collins in The Blind Side and I was obsessed with Sam Claflin in Me Before You. I could already tell from the cover of this movie that these two would make a PERFECT match, (especially being British and all).

To sum it up, this movie is about two friends, Rosie and Alex, who have been best friends since they were five years old. The film centers around them growing up together, through their awkward middle school/high school stages into their adult lives. It’s evident to the viewers that the two characters are in love from the start, however, neither of them dare to confess their feelings until much later in their lives. The two go through a fleet of ups and downs together (bad marriages, babies, etc.), but still, manage to never lose a connection. Lily Collins and Sam Claflin definitely have the best chemistry on screen, and their performance gives the believable feeling that they’ve known each other for years. I recommend this movie 110% if you are looking for a genuinely uplifting romantic comedy. If you liked the movie No Strings Attached, you would love this movie, maybe even a little bit more.

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It’s a must-see if you need some romance in your life (clearly like I do). Writing this post has me already contemplating if I should watch it again…